City Museum – Rimini
Sunday 22 June at 4 pm
On the occasion of the Ancient World Festival

The techniques of classical painting on wood: the portraits of Fayum
The workshop in a 3-hour meeting, rediscovers the experience of the classics in panel painting, a legacy that time has generally erased by delivering the most extraordinary testimonies in the Fayum region and preserving the memory of it in passages of the Roman frescoes. Participants will reproduce details of ancient painting on the table with the use of the same technical procedures, rediscovering their charm and beauty.

Project and curated by Antonietta Corsini

Telephone reservations are required
tel. 0541 704415 and 329.2103329;

during the Festival
Tel. 0541 793851

and payment of a fee of € 5.00

The workshop is open to adults and children from 10 years of age