The workshops are aimed at all ages and at all levels of artistic knowledge
and are also available in English. 

Each appointment lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes.
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Antonietta Corsini Workshop

THE SECRETS OF PORTRAIT: from the realistic face to that of the cartoon

Through the analysis of the faces belonging to works from the Roman and Renaissance periods kept at the Rimini Museum, you will learn the key to setting up a realistic portrait: the proportions, the dimensions of all the elements that compose it and the basic rules for drawing a face. in perspective, to the point of creating fictional faces like those of comic book characters.


Antonietta Corsini Workshop

Watercolor landscape

The workshop is aimed at beginners and intermediate level artists wishing to explore and deepen the watercolor techniques on different types of landscape. The works of the English watercolor masters, starting from the second half of the 18th century, will be a precious source of inspiration for creating unique landscapes immersed in atmospheres of transparency and light color.


Antonietta Corsini Workshop

Oil pastel workshop

During the workshop, participants will learn various oil pastel techniques and create fantastic textures. A course of 4 meetings in which some techniques will be deepened including that of mixing colors using solvents and sgraffito on different surfaces such as wood, paper and canvas. A fascinating journey that reveals the vibrant brightness of oil colors.


Antonietta Corsini Workshop

Between gold and colors in Giotto’s workshop

The workshop intends to rediscover the secrets of the artistic techniques used in the workshops of the masters of the 1300s with ideas taken from the art book by Cennino Cennini. Inspired by some masterpieces of that period, the participants will create a work by experimenting with the same artistic procedures through the following phases: analysis of the materials used and the work of art, preparation of the wooden support with plaster and glue, drawing with a sprinkling technique , gilding with gold leaf and painting with egg tempera. Everyone will have the opportunity to live a unique and fascinating experience in which to develop creativity and identify with the art of the great fourteenth-century artists.


Antonietta Corsini Workshop

Portraits of the Fayum

The aim of the workshop is to examine from a technical and theoretical point of view  PORTRAITS OF THE FAYUM, wooden tablets from Roman Egypt which, between the first century BC and the middle of the third century AD, they were placed on the mummies and carried the painted image of the deceased. Participants will try their hand at the reproduction and interpretation of a portrait, starting from the drawing on a plastered wooden board, passing through the painting phase in tempera, up to the gilding of the details of the work (where present). A unique experience to discover the wonders of Roman portraiture and Egyptian funerary art.


Antonietta Corsini Workshop

Still lifes and landscapes of the classical age

The workshop intends to rediscover, from a practical and theoretical point of view, the experience of the classics in panel painting through still life and landscape. Participants will interpret the subjects of ancient painting on a journey to discover the magical frescoes with beautiful views of the gardens present in the domus of the Roman era.


Antonietta Corsini Workshop

The Medieval miniature

The workshop will explore the art of medieval illuminators, the painting techniques and the materials used to decorate the manuscripts. A journey that begins with some ideas taken from the famous treatise De Arte Illuminandi (14th century) which contains valuable information about the art of miniature. Participants will paint an illuminated letter on paper or parchment focusing on its interpretation.


Antonietta Corsini Workshop

Surprise techniques – paint with me

A surprise workshop dedicated to prestigious works, from wall paintings from the Roman era, to medieval art with its precious gilding and sacred subjects, up to modern art with portraits, landscapes, still lifes and much more. The aim of the course will be to interpret these works, studying the history of the artists and their creations in a cycle of four lessons in which each participant will test the various techniques used. Four meetings to learn four different artistic techniques; paint with me to find out what they will be.


You can register by leaving your references in the form on the CONTACTS page>>>