Meeting with the Pope

On May 28, 2008 Antonietta Corsini, on the occasion of the general audience in St. Peter’s Square, delivered the portrait made for him to His Holiness Benedict XVI…


Meeting with the Pope

The 28th of May 2008 Antonietta Corsini met the Pope Benedict XVI at the general meeting in Piazza San Pietro personally presented the portrait she made for His Holiness…


“My job is to make portraits, an investigation into the human figure. Going to look for the Mystery which is kept in reality ”. “In the photos – explains the painter – Benedict XVI’s face appears a bit stiff, yet he has such a sweet smile… Portraying him meant for me to enter his character”. In the background the blue of the sky – “which envelops us and gives us hope” – and the detail of an angel’s wing. “The wing means the infinite that surrounds us all, accompanies us and protects us”. For about a year the artist has experienced a real conversion, “or rather a return to the encounter with Christ who changed my life and also the meaning of my painting”.

A special portrait for a special ‘model’. This is what the Rimini painter Antonietta Corsini was able to deliver, personally, to Pope
Benedict XVI, in the papal audience in St. Peter’s Square on 28 May.
And almost incredulous the Holy Father asked me if I was the author of that painting, which they were showing him.

“I waited for him excited with a trembling heart, full of joy and amazement, because for me that meeting was and is a sign of the Mystery kept
in reality”. On the day of the audience, the pontiff was amazed by the beauty of the painting and sincerely thanked the painter, who will carry
this “unforgettable happy encounter” in her heart forever.