The Museum of Rimini is a precious treasure chest of masterpieces from various eras  of primary importance for the history of Art. In this magnificent place I have been holding drawing and painting workshops since 2007 aimed at schools of all levels and at all those who wish to delight in Art.

Beauty is the protagonist of the works in the various eras, starting from the mosaics with peacocks and amphorae, to the wall paintings with floral and geometric motifs from the Roman era, to medieval art with its precious gilding sacred subjects up to portraits ,to landscapes and still lives  of modern art. All the most beautiful masterpieces by the various artists are interpreted by the participants giving life to original creations that revive the museum with signs, atmospheres and colours.

In summary, a path through the wonders.

You learn the secrets of watercolour, of egg tempera, of gilding, of pastel and medieval miniature combined with a guided tour to learn about and analyze the works and the artists.

You live precious moments to meet Art. A journey trough the wonders in which everyone can find themselves living unforgettable moments between beauty and creativity.



The Atelier in my Studio is aimed for  small group of participants from children to adults at all levels of experience. Students learn how to show personal expression and style in their art as they work with a variety of mediums and a pleasant and constructive approach.

They improve and refine their drawing skills by  learning law of proportions, chiaroscuro and perspective, experimenting different shading techniques in various subjects such as human figure, portraiture, landscape, still life etc..

Participants also learn painting techniques as they were practiced by the Old Masters of past centuries: numerous techniques such as watercolor and oil painting, but also less known practices such as egg tempera or more contemporary acrylic painting. Finally, I am committed to helping people find their natural inclination to create encountering beauty in Art.



Since September 2021, I am also a teacher of art and image at the secondary school of the Maestre Pie dell’Addolorata in San Giovanni in Marignano.

I teach my students many artistic techniques: graphite, colored pencils, wax and oil pastels, watercolors, acrylics, egg tempera, gilding and miniature techniques.

A gradual guided path that begins with the first classes to which I teach to familiarize themselves with the tools and basics of drawing (construction lines, expressive value of the sign and techniques of chiaroscuro), to represent various subjects with graphite, with watercolour pencils, with oil pastels and markers.

The path deepens with the second classes where watercolour, egg tempera, miniature and gilding are added to also interpret masterpieces from the artistic period  which is being studied.

Finally, with the third grade students, who have achieved a certain mastery in the use and knowledge of the various techniques and tools we continue with an advanced level to refine and costumiste everything they have learned in previous years. My method is based on the observation of the reality, a starting point to help my students achieve original and creative autonomy. I also use a camera with an enlarged image on the Lim to show and expose the method of execution more clearly.

The practical part is accompanied  by the study of the different Art History in which each of the three years: starting from prehistoric  to contemporary art through the explanation and analysis of the various periods, of the works and artists.

My desire, as teacher and educator, is that each of my students can find themselves in the moments we spend together in the classroom. My priority is to place the person at the center in an encounter with art between creativity and beauty.