Here are the last works completed by Antonietta at the Church of San Martino dei Molini – Rimini.

Here are the latest works made by Antonietta at the San Martino dei Molini Church in Rimini, Italy.

The Good Shepherd – Tempera and gold leaf on wall

Madonna of San Martino dei Molini – Stained-Glass Window

Annunciation –
Stained-Glass Window

Angel carrying the Holy Offer – Stained-Glass Window

Christ Resurrected – Stained-Glass Window

Here are some images and testimonies that document the work for the realization of the stained glass windows of the church of S. Martino dei Molini.

POSTA DEL BAGLIO N. 116 of 12 September 2013

On Saturday 25 August in the parish church of San Martino dei Molini in Santarcangelo di Romagna four stained glass windows were blessed by the parish priest Don Paolo Lelli, the result of the collaboration between the Opificio delle Arti of Palermo and Lauretana Arte of Pesaro and the friendship between the author of the sketches Antonietta Corsini and those who participated in the realization: Roberto Alabiso, Emanuele Di Vita, Massimo Clara, Claudia Calcagni, the Evangelisti glassworks, the Mosciatti Ferro company, Calogero Zuppardo and Giuseppe Starnini with his many questions. The beauty of the windows was enhanced by the harmony of the songs of the Fontana Viva Choral Ensemble. It is really true what our great friend Nino Bambini said: “Union is strength and Communion also beauty!”.
Stained glass photos can be viewed at this link >>>

From Rimini Antonietta Corsini
Dear Calogero, from our meeting at the 2012 Meeting I wanted to create with you four stained glass windows commissioned from me by the parish priest of a church near Rimini.
From the creation of the sketches to the choice of glass it was a complex but fascinating journey because the desire to do something beautiful that would help us pray, which was a sign of the Face of God, has always accompanied us. The culmination for me were the three days that have passed. in Palermo, where we transported the artistic work of the sketches to the glass. The collaboration with you, with Roberto and with Emanuele was very precious and enlightening, not only because together we made choices or solved technical and aesthetic problems, but it emerged with amazement that all of us were means to bring to light What we it was and is already present. So, as time went by, as the work was progressing,
I am left with nostalgia for those days which are not just a beautiful memory, but a great desire that the Artist of the Universe (the True Creator) reveals himself in all His splendor every moment of my life. Thanks for everything!.

From Palermo Roberto Alabiso
I believe that in these difficult times for art and craftsmanship, that the “miracle” of humility in collaborating in a job happens, freely putting one’s know-how at the service of an Other, with the gratuity of recognizing that everything is given and entrusted to us can be of help to each of us. Thank you for calling me to participate in this beautiful experience with you Calogero, Antonietta, Emanuele and all the others who participated.

From Palemo Emanuele Di Vita
Hi Calogero, I find what Antonietta wrote very beautiful. Personally, it was an experience of artistic growth where collaboration and sharing played a fundamental role in creating a group synergy and working efficiently and closely.

From Santarcangelo Don Paolo Lelli
Dear Calogero, it is with pleasure that I give you these brief reflections of mine on the new stained glass windows that I had the grace to bless on August 24th.
As you recalled yourself on that evening, it was a job that began a year ago when we met at the Rimini Meeting. From that moment a path began which had as its objective the creation of some stained glass windows that should have helped the faithful to experience the mystery alive and present in this church more clearly. The result was of the highest level from all points of view thanks above all to the work of the painter Antonietta Corsini and to all the team work that you, Calogero, have wisely coordinated. Now I hope that this beauty will help my and my parishioners’ path of conversion so that this church is a place of “living stones” that reflect the glory of God and are committed to bringing Christ to all the men we meet on our path.

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