Dear Antonietta,
It was a pleasure to participate in your workshops. Your professionalism, competence and kindness have guided us step by step. The results of our work have been satisfactory. The four Saturdays spent in your company allowed us to relax and “feel good”. We hope to be able to repeat the experience soon by experimenting with new techniques.
Thanks again
Simona 7 years and mum Michela

Dear Antonietta,
thank you for having organized and conducted it perfectly!
The comment of Clara (7 years old) is the following: “The pastel atelier was very beautiful, the work that I liked the most and that came out best was the landscape mirrored in the water. Thanks Antonietta! ”.
We hope for a next appointment.
Best wishes and best wishes for a happy Easter
Clara and mother Elena

Dear Professor,
my son Filippo (11 years old) reported that the drawing course you did in collaboration with the Rimini Museum was very interesting. Filippo gladly participated and showed considerable satisfaction with the final paper.

For me it was beautiful, I enjoyed getting close to this technique!
I thank you again for the wonderful opportunity.
Hello and let me know about other initiatives.

Beauty care
Participating in Antonietta Corsini’s ateliers was for me an antidote to the difficulties of this period: a real form of visual and practical “meditation” that made me understand how important it is to allow yourself creative moments to stay in contact with Beauty. Guided by the words and wise gestures of Antonietta, accompanied by the energy and positive strength of the group, I had the opportunity to experiment with various and fascinating techniques, to test my skills and to (re) discover, finally, the sides of myself that I did not know. I look forward to the next appointments!

Hi Anto,
Thanks for the info and I’m waiting for everything … it’s okay for me too on Saturday, maybe afternoon at 17 … with the cold, you go out less and engaging on Saturday afternoon with an activity that is good for the soul helps a lot … Thanks

Hi Antonietta,
I proposed the Watercolour paintings atelier to my class who are enthusiastic about it, but unfortunately I am still waiting for an answer from the didactic coordinator. In the meantime, I would like to ask you if, as you mentioned, it would be possible to carry out the atelier at school and if in that case the cost would be different. In addition, I would ask you if in the event of a positive response from the principal you would have availability in the coming weeks since we will shortly start talking about the English landscape architects… In the meantime, thank you and wish you a good evening.